Patient Testimonials

  • When I came to Peak Motion, I had constant low back pain and it was travelling down my leg and into my foot.  I had gone to a chiropractor because I was feeling like my hip was out all the time.  She was very concerned because I was having issues with rolling over after my adjustment.  After spending 3 months in therapy, I can now run without pain and muscle tension.  I can finally say I don’t hurt.  By learning how to put simple stretches and strength exercises into my routine I have not needed regular massage and chiropractic service.  I would recommend Peak Motion as they have truly made a difference in my physical health.

    Susie D.

  • I had trouble with my shoulders that no one seemed to be able to fix.  As a dancer, it was limiting what I loved and needed to do for work.  When my shoulders acted up I had a lot of trouble sleeping.  After coming to Peak Motion, I have no trouble dancing, sleeping or doing whatever I want!  Thank you to everyone at Peak Motion!

    Emily A.

  • I came here as a last resort for my back pain.  I am a runner, or rather used to be.  For the last 5+ years I have done very little running due to the pain in my back.  I have tried yoga, acupuncture, and most recently chiropractic care.  I told my chiropractor how much I missed running and I was upset because I felt that I finally had to throw in the towel and give it up for good.  This is when my chiropractor told me about Peak Motion.  My experience here has been incredible.  They were able to pinpoint my weak areas and gave me the tools I needed to gain the strength, which eventually reduced my pain.  I am running again.  I am a runner again and virtually pain free!  And I have the tools I need to keep me running for a long time.

    Deanna M.

  • My back pain was affecting my whole life and I knew I needed to make some serious changes.  When I first came to Peak Motion, I could barely walk.  After working with Mike and completing my physical therapy plan of care, my life was completely different.  Now my back is totally healed.  I went from hardly being able to walk to running again.  In fact, I ran the Rugged Maniac Obstacle Run last year with the Peak Motion Team and took 1st place in my age bracket.  Thanks!

    Roger R.

  • When I began coming here I had been in almost constant pain for about 6 months.  My mid-back was the problem.  I was going to a chiropractor weekly, sometimes 2 times a week.  He finally referred me to Peak Motion.  I could not drive without causing extreme discomfort.  The pain was there all the time.  Now the pain is completely gone and I am very happy with the treatment that I received.  It is nice to drive with no pain!

    Cheryl D.

  • I came in thinking it wouldn’t work.  Well, I was wrong.  I immediately started to feel progress and continue to.  I was surprised that my whole body was gaining strength.  Parts I hadn’t exercises were addressed and my balance and strength came back.  I will continue with exercises to keep what I have gained.

    Barbara D.

  • I came to Peak Motion hoping to resolve my long-term piriformis injury.  With the ongoing attention, exercises and Astym treatments I received, we were able to resolve that nagging injury.  My running has become more comfortable allowing me to train the way I feel I need.  I recently completed the 2016 Boston Marathon.  I could not have done it without the help of Mike and Jonathan.  In addition to the Astym treatments, they worked with me and taught me essential exercises for strength and increased mobility.  I appreciate the time and patient that the Peak Motion staff have given me.

    Anita B.

  • Came in with elbow pain that at times were excruciating pain.  It became difficult with daily activity.  I was not able to lift or move my arm in certain directions.  After seeing Mike and staff I was able to lift and move my arm with no pain.  Extremely satisfied with the Astym treatment provided.  Feels great not to be in pain again.

    Janice R.

  • I am a P.T. and a runner who has been ‘getting by’ for years without addressing my small impairments.  I am my own worst patient as I never stretch, warm-up, cool down or perform any other exercises beyond my hours of running.  Finally, with the insistence of my wife, who was sick of listening to me complain, I went to P.T.  I have worked in many clinics and I know a great P.T. clinic experience when I see it.  With help from everyone, I am now a ‘committed’ patient performing my exercise program in addition to my running.  I have gone from having pain and weakness when I ran to now being able to train for my first 50k trail race.

    Kyle L.

  • Prior to visiting Peak Motion, I was experiencing pain in my wrist and numbness in my arm.  My massage therapist recommended I come here for Astym therapy and it has been great.  Within a few weeks the pain is gone and I am back to full function.  Very excited to be back doing all of my activities and thankful to Peak Motion’s very qualified staff for all of their hard work with me.

    Heidi B.

  • When I started P.T. in early February, I was having pain in my knees and hips from running and a P90X class.  Frequent Astym helped alleviate all of my initial knee pain, and all of the exercises Mike and Jon have taught me have helped me keep my hips stronger and completely pain free.  I have a much better idea of which exercises to modify that cause knee pain, and I look forward to many more years of strong, pain-free running, hiking and swimming.  All of the staff at Peak Motion have been very competent and caring, and I look forward to coming back for occasional Astym if any knee pain reoccurs.  Thanks to you all!

    Dorothy S.

  • I came to Peak Motion after my ankle surgery.  My ankle was very stiff and weak.  The staff was friendly and helpful.  They took the time to explain my plan.  They always listened to my feedback.  I enjoyed the workouts.  They pushed me appropriately and encouraged me to reach my goal.  Each week my ankle improved and became stronger.  Now I am back running daily without any problems.  Peak Motion is awesome!

    Sean M.

  • When I came in I was in acute pain lifting my cup of tea in the morning.  I was unable to lift heavy objects without pain.  Now I am able to pick up my cup of tea without thinking.  I can lift objects again.  It is so nice to no longer have the pain of tennis elbow.  Thank you Mike, Jonathan and Bre for your excellent care!

    Teresa M.

  • In late May 2015, I pinched a nerve in my neck, which caused neck, shoulder and elbow pain.  After about 10 visits with Peak Motion, the pain is gone and I now have free range of motion again.  I highly recommend Mike, all his associates and Peak Motion!

    Fritz P.

  • I went to the doctor because of an ongoing hip pain, but mostly because I could not sit down without being in excruciating pain.  I was referred to physical therapy and chose Peak Motion as my husband had a great experience here.  It took a few weeks to feel improvement, but it did come slowly but surely.  The pain persisted, but came less often and was not as intense.  The ultimate diagnosis was a small tear in my tendon, probably due to bicycle riding.  As the weeks went by, I could see that the muscle tone in my thighs was really improving and I felt stronger and stronger.  Bike riding, waking, aerobic exercise and most importantly, sitting are pretty much pain-free activities for me now.  It was about a 2-1/2 month journey, and worth every day of it.

    Cheryl S.

  • My experience with the Peak Motion staff has been nothing short of amazing.  From the skilled hands of Mike, Breand Jon, to the positive, uplifting admin.  Every aspect of Peak Motion has been healing on an almost holistic level.  When I cam to Peak Motion, I could barely move my head from side to side or right to left.  My left leg and lower back was in constant pain.  Now after treatment and exercise prescribed by the doctor, I am 100% better than before my first visit!  I have learned tremendous facts about my spine and what not to do in order to stay on the path of health.  A big thank you to all here at Peak Motion!

    Karen G.

  • I am very happy with the help I received at Peak Motion!  Mike created a treatment and exercise plan that helped me recovery my wrist strength after I developed tendinitis from lifting and holding my baby.  I am very happy that I can go back to my normal activities and hold my baby without pain!

    Sara S.

  • Prior to visiting Peak Motion I was having left shoulder pain, which was limiting what I could do in the gym.  Overhead lifting was extremely uncomfortable and outside the gym was a general aching in the joint, which was affecting my sleep.  Since therapy, I have returned to my normal lifting activities and have started overhead pressing again.  The aching I was feeling during normal everyday activities is now gone and my shoulder feels stronger and more stable.  Thank you Mike, Megan and Bre!

    Greg W.

  • Peak Motion P.T. has been fantastic!  When I first came in I had pain in my feet so bad I dreaded stepping out of bed each morning.  From the very first session, Mike and the team had me seeing improvement.  Now I am able to participate in all activities without pain or anxiety about how I’ll feel in the morning.  Moving forward, I now have the ability and tools to manage my condition, should I flare up again.  Thank you all!

    Anna D.

  • I started my journey with Peak Motion at the recommendation of an orthopedic surgeon to help correct my “Runner’s Knee”.  Before P.T., I was unable to run without the use of a knee brace for support.  Mike, Bre, Jon and the rest of the Peak Motion staff didn’t just help alleviate the pain associated with the syndrome, but they helped identify and correct the underlying cause of the pain.  Now, three months later, I am not only running pain-free without a brace, but I am stronger, have better form, and am more knowledgeable about exercises and resourced available to help me along the way.

    Anna B.

  • I was involved in a head on auto collision, which severely debilitated me to the point it hurt to walk.  Daily activities were difficult or impossible.  I received chiro and massage care for nine months, then plateaued attaining acute back pain and stiffness that prohibited me from doing activities like standing, walking and more for more than 3 hours.  I then came to Peak Motion.  They were able to find and treat back and muscle issues that even my MRI and Orthopedic Specialist failed to find.  I was concerned I would not get back to my normal life.  Peak Motion has greatly improved my abilities and more importantly, given me the tools to keep me on track and recovery from pain and back issues when the do randomly pop up.  

    Brian R.

  • I injured my neck in a car accident and could barely function in my day to day life.  I couldn’t walk, sit, sleep or do any of my daily activities from my recreational activities (running, working out, crafting) to essential things like cooking, cleaning, caring for my children, and working without terrible pain.  It has been a long road, and the patient and care from Mike and his team have got me through it all.  Their compassion and talent for helping my body heal helped me get from the point of barely being able to move because I was in so much pain, to placing third in my age group at my first half marathon this past weekend.  Without them all, I could not have done it!

    Bonnie W.

  • Over a year ago I suffered from severe sciatic nerve pain.  So much that it was debilitating and affected my quality of life.  I sought out many different option to avoid surgery, none of which gave me the relief I needed.  After several months, I found Peak Motion.  The treatments and guidance I was given was just what I needed to manage the pain.  Sadly, I waited too long and needed surgery.  I don’t think I would have healed as well or understood what my body needed if it werent for Peak Motion and the staff.  They have been amazing!  I am now 100% pain free and truly owe it to them!  Thank you for making me feel like I am important and genuinely caring for my well-being!  I will miss you as coming here you have treated me like family!  Thank you again.

    Sandy B.

  • I just completed a few weeks of physical therapy for some shoulder pain and got amazing results! Not only is the pain gone that I went in for–my shoulder feels the best it has since I injured it back in high school!

    Chris H.