Insurance Plans

Peak Motion is In-Network with most major medical insurance carriers.  We are committed to helping you understand your physical therapy benefits. Our office is happy to assist in contacting your insurance company prior to your first visit to verify benefits and will review your plan’s details with you when you arrive for your initial appointment.

We also encourage you to contact your medical insurance provider to learn more about your specific plan’s physical therapy benefits.  Seeking treatment from an In-Network provider generally results in a lower out-of-pocket expense for you, the patient.

Understanding the costs you might incur as a patient will allow us to design a program that best meets your specific needs. Common fees due at time of service include co-pay or payment towards co-insurance or any unmet deductible.


Out-of-Network Options

If we are not In-Network with your insurance plan or you don’t have medical insurance, no problem!  You can still seek treatment at Peak Motion!  We offer discounted private pay rates when you pay at time of service, so you can still gain access to our personalized, patient-centered, and highly effective one-on-one approach to physical therapy.

  • Evaluation and Treatment:  $110 
    • Ideal for those who know they need physical therapy and are ready to get started on the path to recovery for permanent relief of their pain.  Visit includes physical therapy evaluation and treatment.  Visit length is 60-75 minutes


  • 5 Visit Package:  $500
    • If your condition requires return visits to physical therapy for additional hands-on treatment, progression of your home exercise program and additional support to promote full resolution of your symptoms, we offer a discount when you purchase a treatment plan of 5 or more visits.  Follow up visits are 45-60 minutes.


  • Physical Therapy Consultation:  $40
    • This option is perfect for those who are struggling with pain or finding it difficult to recover from an injury and just want to learn if physical therapy can help.  During this visit you will gain access to one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy to ask your questions and learn whether physical therapy is the right treatment option for you. The therapist will perform a few tests and measures to identify the source of your condition, answer your questions and provide treatment recommendations.   This visit does not include treatment.  Visit is 20-30 minutes


Direct Access

Physical Therapists in the State of Washington have DIRECT ACCESS.  This means you may access Peak Motion’s physical therapy services without a referral from a physician.  At Peak Motion, we recognize collaboration between physician and physical therapist as a vital component to providing you with the best care.  Direct access allows that collaboration to be initiated by the physical therapist.

Many insurance companies will pay for physical therapy services provided under direct access, whereas others require a referral from a physician.  Please contact our office or your insurance company to learn more.

** Payment Plans available upon request.