Peak Motion Physical Therapy is now FYZICAL Camas!!!

We will soon be moving into a new space with a new name just downstairs from our current location (same building).  The name change is a result of a re-branding effort designed to mirror the growth and transformation of our organization.  Our name has changed, but we are still the same independently owned and operated Peak Motion team that has served SW Washington since 2013.

Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers is the fastest growing healthcare franchise in America.  FYZICAL is on a mission to save American’s from falling down and getting injured.  This is a service missing in our community and we are excited for the opportunity to fill this need by adding a state-of-the-art balance and fall prevention center to our already successful manual therapy, orthopedic and sports rehab services.  This decision aligns with our commitment to help transform healthcare for the better and to set the benchmark for the highest level of care.

FYZICAL is setting the new industry standard-of-care for balance and vestibular therapy in outpatient physical therapy centers using these technologies:

  • Fall prevention technologies, such as Safety Overhead Support (SOS)® or Single Overhead Support®
  • NASA-level force plate technology for diagnosing vestibular dysfunction using virtual surround 3-D imagery.
  • Infra-red laser video oculography (IVOG) and Vestibulo-Nystagmography (VNG) for the diagnosis of difficult-to-detect balance dysfunction.
  • BODYQ® Comprehensive Health scoring and fitness tracking program to help people take control of their health and their lives.

At FYZICAL Camas we are dedicated to high quality Physical Therapy, Fighting the Fall and creating the best rehab experience possible for those we have the opportunity to serve.   We hope you like the new look, improved accessibility, new services and new equipment.  Stay tuned for an Open House Event Coming Soon!


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Mike and Kristin Teater

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What Our Patients Say

I can now run without pain and muscle tension. By learning how to put simple stretches and strength exercises into my routine I have not needed regular massage and chiropractic service.

Susie D.

I had trouble with my shoulders that no one seemed to be able to fix. After coming to Peak Motion, I have no trouble dancing, sleeping or doing whatever I want!

Emily A.

They (Peak Motion) were able to pinpoint my weak areas and gave me the tools I needed to gain the strength. I am a runner again and virtually pain free!

Deanna M.

My back pain was affecting my whole life and I knew I needed to make some serious changes. Now my back is totally healed. I went from hardly being able to walk to running again.

Roger R.

My mid-back was the problem. I could not drive without causing extreme discomfort. The pain was there all the time. Now the pain is completely gone and I am very happy with the treatment I received.

Cheryl D.

I came in thinking it wouldn't work. Well, I was wrong. I was surprised that my whole body was gaining strength. Parts I hadn't exercises were addressed and my balance and strength came back.

Barbara D.

I came to Peak Motion hoping to resolve my long-term piriformis injury. With the ongoing attention, exercises and Astym treatments I received, we were able to resolve that nagging injury.

Anita B.

I was not able to lift or move my arm in certain directions. After seeing Mike and staff I was able to lift and move my arm with no pain. Extremely satisfied with the Astym treatment provided....

Janice R.

I have worked in many clinics and I know a great P.T. clinic experience when I see it. I have gone from having pain and weakness when I ran to now being able to train for my first 50k...

Kyle L.

Prior to visiting Peak Motion, I was experiencing pain in my wrist and numbness in my arm. Within a few weeks the pain is gone and I am back to full function.

Heidi B.

Astym helped alleviate all of my initial knee pain. I have a much better idea of which exercises to modify that cause knee pain. All of the staff at Peak Motion have been very competent and caring.

Dorothy S.

The staff was friendly and helpful. They took the time to explain my plan. They always listened to my feedback. I enjoyed the workouts. They pushed me appropriately and encouraged me to reach my goal.

Sean M.

When I came in I was in acute pain lifting my cup of tea in the morning. Now I am able to pick up my cup of tea without thinking. It is so nice to no longer have...

Teresa M.

I pinched a nerve in my neck, which caused neck, shoulder and elbow pain. After about 10 visits with Peak Motion, the pain is gone and I now have free range of motion again.

Fritz P.

I went to the doctor because of an ongoing hip pain. Bike riding, waking, aerobic exercise and most importantly, sitting are pretty much pain-free activities for me now.

Cheryl S.

When I cam to Peak Motion, I could barely move my head from side to side or right to left. My left leg and lower back was in constant pain. I am 100% better than before my...

Karen G.

I developed tendinitis from lifting and holding my baby. I am very happy that I can go back to my normal activities and hold my baby without pain!

Sara S.

Since therapy, I have returned to my normal lifting activities and have started overhead pressing again. The aching I was feeling during normal everyday activities is now gone.

Greg W.

All of the staff made sure I felt welcome and made the experience fabulous. I had pain in my feet so bad I dreaded stepping out of bed each morning. Now I am able to participate in...

Anna D.

The Peak Motion staff didn't just help alleviate the pain associated with my "Runner's Knee", but they helped identify and correct the underlying cause of the pain.

Anna B.

I received chiro and massage care for nine months, then plateaued. Peak Motion was able to find and treat back and muscle issues that even my MRI and Orthopedic Specialist failed to find.

Brian R.

Their compassion and talent for helping my body heal helped me get from the point of barely being able to move because I was in so much pain, to placing third in my age group at my first half...

Bonnie W.

Thank you for making me feel like I am important and genuinely caring for my well-being! I will miss you as coming here you have treated me like family!

Sandy B.

Not only is the pain gone that I went in for–my shoulder feels the best it has since I injured it back in high

Chris H.

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